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If you ever stop by, you will find I have too many projects going at once. It's a bad habit I have, and then I wonder it takes so long to get something done! Here, I will post before and after pics of my total messes  handy dandy projects.

Project List

 DIY Coat Rack

A few months ago, I found six new quirkly little flag hooks numbered 1-6 at a garage sale for $2.00. I brought them home and tucked them away for a coat rack someday. (Note: I recently searched online and found them HERE for $13.99/ea. I got a steal!)

Then, in September a neighbor was moving and bestowed his scrap wood pile on us! Cha-Ching! FREE wood for my project list!

Jump ahead to November, after getting the new wall color up (see "Our One-Closet Wonder"), I decided to make an entryway. It's not much of one since I am very limited on space, but I am trying to make a great statement nonetheless!

So first up, the coat rack project.

(Please note: the photos were taken with my son's digital camera since I still can't find my charger! Yep, I'm SO organized!)

Step1: We cut the wood (1x4) to 30 1/4" (mainly because I didn't want the curtains to interfere with it) and then I sanded and primed it.

Step2: I painted it using Glidden's "Natural Linen" (paint I bought for my coffee table project). I wasn't impressed with the paint, it took four coats to cover! Next, I lightly sanded the edges back off to lightly distress it. Then I used Valspar's Ebony glaze. This photo shows the glaze before I wiped it off. I repeated the process a few times until I got the look I wanted. The following day, I sprayed a coat of clear sealant on it.

Step 3: I measured fifty a few times to get the right placement for the hooks. I secrued hook 1 and 6 then ran out of screws! I bought additional screws, stuck them in cardboard and spray painted them black to match the screws that came with the hooks.

Step4:  After attaching the hooks, I turned it over and attached the teethy hooks (I have no idea what the correct name is) on the back. However, it would have been much easier to do this FIRST! Then I hung it on the wall under the clearance tray I found at Target.

Total Cost: $2.30

DIY Wooden Signs for Entryway

I wanted something fun and unexpected for the entryway in terms of signage. So I pondered and I Pinterest'd until I decided I wanted a ONE WAY sign. On Pinterest, I found an image of two streets signs: a "ONE WAY" sign and underneath was another sign pointing the opposite direction saying "OR ANOTHER". So I found my inspiration.

After cutting our wood (which was FREE, again from neighbor's scraps), I sanded, primed, and painted using Glidden's "Natural Linen"- same as the coat rack.  I recently discover this tip on Pinterest: make wooden signs by printing your saying or image and tracing onto wood with a ballpoint pen- creates an impression to paint. I actually went over the impression with a pencil so I could see it better.

Once I traced my words onto the board, I began filling in my "tracings" with black paint (purchased for a bed project.) Oh and please ignore the pale white leg with dry skin! I need to moisturize!

Next,I started on my second sign. You can see the penciled letters from tracing my tracing, LOL. After I started, I realized I needed the arrow on the other end, so ignore my arrow markings too!

I think tape can be a painter's best friend! I measured and taped my arrow so that I could paint the edge black. I peeled the tape off and filled in a few spots and voila- easy as pie! (I have never made a pie, so I am not a good judge of how easy it is...haha)

One sign done. Then I realized I wanted the edge to the far right black too. So I fixed it.

Then I lightly distressed each sign with a hand sanding block. Here is an up-close of the sanding.

I sprayed with a clear coat by Krylon.

Then I hung them in the "entryway." I really, really like them. They are actually centered between the corner and the window. There is more to come to the right of the key basket tray. However, I may move the coat rack to the right. We'll see what all I have to fill that space first.

Total Cost: approx. $.40 for hangers and nails

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